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COMPANy profile
  • 1958
    A Company established in Year 1958
  • NO.1
    No. 1 Tyre Manufacturer in China
  • NO.10
    No. 10 of Top 75 Global Tyre Manufacturers in Year 2017
  • 3.23
    Sale revenue reached USD3.23 billion in Year 2016

Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC-RUBBER) takes great pride in producing tires that rate among the best in the world. Our corporate philosophy is all about collaboration with our suppliers, with the 10,000s of companies who sell our products around the globe, and with our millions of end customers who trust our tires every single day.

Our engineers are working together closely with our international Research and Development (R&D) team combined of Japanese and Korean experts. We keep on investing millions of US dollars in establishing various production and testing facilities such as the first noise test laboratorium in China and the MTS Flat-Trac III CT tire Test System. Since 2012, we have maintained the rank of the global top 10 tire manufacturer.

Our belief in producing quality tires makes us to set up quality control system approved by both global tire manufacturers and the famous car makers such as VOLVO, introduce world latest production facilities from Fischer, VMI, Krupp, etc, and inspect every single tire by hand before it leaves the production line besides the X-ray, balancing and uniformity inspection by most advanced equipments imported from Germany, Japan and U.S.A. We guarantee our tire quality by system, facilities and employees' responsibility.